Rooster Art Glass proudly presents beautiful collections of handmade blown glass in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

Very often people receive invitations to celebrate a change of apartment, social events for a birthday, wedding or wedding anniversary. Then we ask ourselves what gift for him or her, we buy to celebrate that day, the owners of a new home or apartment. This problem for many of us is a challenge, and we often put it off for the last moment, wanting to come up with the idea of ​​a creative gift that comes to mind and will forever be associated with our person. Some people have a pre-formed, ready-to-realize vision in principle that decorative art glass is a great functional gift that will find a place in every apartment. The decision to buy such a gift requires very good knowledge of the tastes and needs of the recipient. We meet the needs of both groups, so in the proposal prepared by Polish artists, blown glass artists made in the traditional way with which we cooperate, we will find many decorative vases, figurines, fruit bowls, candles, scallop and many more. Products can be purchased individually or as a set of collections that decorate more than one interior!

 Decorative glass, including glass figurines, vases, glass animal figurines, fruit bowls, easter eggs, glass fruits, glass ashtrays will be perfectly visible in your living room, bedroom, or office where you often stay. The vase is not only a useful element for storing flowers cut or artificial, but also an add-on that perfectly complements any interior, regardless of the style of arrangement. In recent years the size of vases, their color or shape has changed tremendously. In order to meet the individual needs of our customers, we offer glass vases in many sizes. Glass can be transparent or permanently colored - the color palette is wide. In our online store there are tall glass vases, ideal for flower arranging, as well as medium and low vases, which in recent years have become the perfect substrate to make your own decorative glass collection. We can fill it with colored sand, stones, light decorations, candles, small figurines, hydrogel decorations or a single football ball - everything depends on our creative invention and the idea of ​​arranging. Excellent for this kind of work are transparent glass balls that look the most impressive. The glass vases that are part of our assortment are not only beautifully presented, but it is a very durable heavy piece of handmade blown glass.

Many of us are wondering whether buying a gift for a glass statuette is a good idea.

Usually, our fear is that this kind of gift may be of little use and will only be used as the proverbial dust collection.

However, carefully selected glass ornament will bring a breath of freshness and elegance, intriguing and eye-catching.

The products available in our assortment are made of crystal glass in a very careful manner, with great attention to detail and aesthetic qualities.

Modern design, combined with a huge palette of colors and a variety of shapes - all this makes anyone find something suitable for themselves or as a gift for her.

Handmade products may differ from the picture: shape, color and weight,

But that just makes every piece of our glass unique.